• Kurt Rosenwinkel

    20:00 @ The Everyman
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    Kurt Rosenwinkel

    THE EVERYMAN SUN OCT 30th at 8pm


    As one of the most influential jazz guitarists in the world, Kurt Rosenwinkel’s playing has been dissected, transcribed, and imitated by hordes of aspiring young guitar players at music schools everywhere.
    They flock to his performances and check out his stage setup after each set, trying to solve the riddle of how he gets his beautiful sound—just as hordes of would-be guitarists did back in the ’70s when Pat Metheny emerged on the scene. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, both guitarists have reason to feel extremely flattered.
    A restlessly creative spirit and prolific composer, Kurt is constantly thinking about his tone and continually making adjustments to his gear to arrive at the elusive sound he’s hearing. 

    Born in Philadelphia in 1970, he attended Berklee College of Music Boston for two and a half years before dropping out to go on tour with Gary Burton (the school’s dean) in 1990. The exposure and Burton’s assistance jump-started Rosenwinkel’s career and he became a busy musician who was constantly heard in jazz settings in New York. He was influenced by Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Lennie Tristano but had his own sound from the start, sometimes utilising alternate fingerings that allow him to play ideas rarely explored by other jazz guitarists. Kurt moved to Brooklyn in the 1990s and worked with Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop Band, Joe Henderson, the Brian Blade Fellowship, and other groups, appearing on albums with Burton, Motian, Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Danilo Perez, Joshua Redman, and many more.

    As one of jazz's foremost artists, Kurt Rosenwinkel has established a rep-utation as an innovator and constant seeker on the guitar. He has carved out a unique sound over many years of experiment and his Guinness Cork Jazz Festival debut, with his hot band, is widely antic-ipated.

    A STUNNING GUITAR DOUBLE BILL – with the all-star ELEVENTH HOUSE GROUP featuring Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco and Al-phonse Mouzon.

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